Quartz Stone is a good choice because the color and particulate patterns are uniform and consistent over the entire surface area.
Lots Of Colors
And Patterns
Quartz Stone is the man maid product so it is available in multiple colors and patterns that look like stone.
Quartz Stone
is very hygienic, it does not harbor bacteria, which makes it a safe choice for food handling in the kitchen.
Nontoxic &
The color of Quartz Slab mainly comes from the mineral pigment, which is nontoxic sanitary material.
Quartz Slab
is produced by high-tech vacuum pressure. The main raw material is mineral pigment.


Types Of Stones We Carry

Quartz Stone Cyprus provides a variety of stones that include granite, marble, soapstone, quartz and more. Here are the types of stones that we provide:

Granite, the top choice in countertops, is available in a variety of shades such as blacks, whites, greens, corals and beiges, and no two pieces are exactly the same. Granite can hold up to heat and is resilient against scratches, and is extremely durable.

Marble is also very nice but to get the luxurious look most people use it on an island or inset at a baking center. Marble requires constant maintenance, as it easily stains. Marble is waterproof, heatproof, and beautiful.

Soapstone is generally dark gray in color and has a smooth feel. It is often seen in historic homes but is also used in modern homes as both a countertop and sink material. Pros: rich, deep color; smooth feel; somewhat stain resistant.

Caesaerstone is a man-made stone that is harder than any natural stone, it is made up of 95% quartz. It is scratch and stain resistant and is also a very durable stone used for countertops, islands, bathroom counters, and benches.

Quartzite is a very hard, granular stone that consists of mostly quartz, which originally was sandstone. It is very durable, and is scratch and stain resistant. Quartzite different from quartz has two differences, color, and price. Pure quartzite does not come in many different colors but is cheaper than quartz.

Quartz stone surface is non-porous, its polished surfaces don't need to be sealed, like granite or other natural stones, in order to keep them from staining, and is practically indestructible and maintenence free. Quartz makes a good kitchen countertop, or any countertop. Quartz is available in many colors and patterns.

Zodiaq countertop surfaces are composed of advanced composite material made with pure quartz crystals. Quartz is one of nature's strongest materials, quartz countertops made with DuPont Zodiaq quartz surfaces are also incredibly durable and resist both heat and scratches. Custom-fit to your exact specifications and virtually maintenance free-Zodiaq is perfect for your home.

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